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You Wish This was Romantic

Resistance + Desire

Resistance + Desire
25 March
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"they only want you when you're seventeen, when you're twenty one your no fun."
I weekend on lazy days. Changing hilltops of abandon thoughts and frozen cypress
And I am the only one to pretend my magic, and my mysterious way
Illusions of unnecessary fantasies
And I should have checked for fascinated pupils
Or just keep my amour on
But some how I don’t mind your sudden moves
You’re my melancholy Jesus, my soft skin alleluia
Moving back and forth between locked doors
And pink walls
Halls echo something that maybe the only true thing in this world
please join the community Venus Envious Projekt.
I have been trying to get the My Bloody Valentine album with Cigarettes In Your Bed song on it … but some random nerd keeps buying it for like 50+ bucks on ebay, I don’t even spend 50 pesos on clothes! Damn the white man!
making art and music like a mad demon. being a misfit. girls be sweet and fuck shit up! shake what jesus gave yea, and fuck pupils that pretend to widen, you're beautiful just the way you are. makeup is good for: leaving messages on smooth surfaces, playing ricki lake makeover on unwilling bois, shit to throw at cops, great for bonding expiences, kinky with red lipstick?, _____,
down with NYC? contact me im in an active mood.
80's music, air, airbush, albert camus, amélie, and autumn, any kind of indulgence, apc, aphex twin, apop berzerk, at the drive in, baby namboos, basement jaxx, baxter, beach, beachniks, bebel gilberto, belle & sebatian, beta band, betty page, biracial, birthday party, björk, black box recorder, black lily, blondie, bluestockings, boards of canada, bombin', boobs, breeders, broadcast, bust mag, cabaret voltaire, cafés, camping, carmen mc'rea, cat power, change, chicks on speed, clubbin, cocteau twins, collages, college radio, company of friends, depech mode, disco.d, diy, dj shadow, echo & the bunnymen, electroclash, experimental art, fantastic plastic machine, fashion, felix da house cat, fischerspoon, goldfrapp, gus gus, hooverphonics, hussian, i feel sick, ithaca, jalouse, jazzyfatnasty, jeff buckley, jill scott, joy division, knitting, komodo dragons, kosheen, la floa maldita, ladytron, legendary pink dots, lenore, lesbians, lgbt community, lipstick bois, lolita storm, low, mad dog, making clothes, meat puppets, mixs tapes, mogwai, monoprints, moonbabies, my bloody valentine, my obession with furnature, my room, new wet kojak, nick cave, nick drake, no wave new wave, northern picture library, nuyorican, nyc, nylon, old sewing machines, painting, peaches, photography, pixies, pj harvey, plaid, poetry, portishead, prose, red house painters, remixes, res, screenprinting, sewing, siouxsie & the banshees, slowdive, sneaker pimps, socialmisfits4socialchange, solar polar bears, soren kierkegaard, square pushers, squee, stereolab, sugarcubes, sunday mornings, swayzak, the avalanches, the pixies, the smiths, the sundays, tricky, trip hop, underworld, unkle, urcula rucker, van morrison, venus envy, viceland.com, vices, vintage porn, vintage revamp, vinyl records, vnv nation, voltaire, yamaha rmx1, zero7